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The draft minutes of the September 02, 2009 Grand Mound Rochester Horizons (GMRH) Steering Committee meeting are posted below.  They are subject to correction and approval at the next GMRH Steering Committee meeting on September 23rd.

Please remember that every GMRH Steering committee meeting is open to all residents of the area.  You are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussions as this is a community-wide effort to reduce poverty in the Rochester/Grand Mound area.  Also, these are only several from a larger list that will be addressed as people accept the challenge to take on the responsibility of any of the other projects on the list.  The larger project list can be found here  Copies of steering committee meeting minutes will be posted on this website and also on the GMRH blogspot at: so check both websites often to stay current with what is happening.


Bill Liddle
Steering Committee Secretary
Grand Mound Rochester Horizons

Grand Mound Rochester Horizons
P. O. Box 1162
Rochester, WA 98579

Steering Committee Meeting, September 02, 2009
@ Rochester Community Library

 Joe Baisch called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM

Those present were: Suzanne Brown, Donna Smith, Lowell Deguise, Kathy Deguise, Gene Weaver, Janet Weaver, Shelia Gray, Joe Basich, Joy Baisch, Joan Hitchcock, Blair Wolfley, Director, WSU Extension Southern Region, and Bill Liddle from the Rochester Horizons.  Also in attendance were: Jerry Uribe, Grant Officer with Northwest Area Foundation, Doreen Houser/Lindstrom, Program Director, WSU Horizons Program, Cindy McHargue, Fiscal Administrator, WSU Horizons Program (Cindy is truly the glue that does all the Admin for the State Horizons Program)  and Taryn A. Hecker a photographer/writer traveling with them.  The purpose of the meeting was to allow Jerry Uribe to see what the Rochester Horizons Project is and to answer any questions we might have about the program.

A short description of our Basic Computer Literacy class was presented along with an extended discussion of the Rochester Sidewalk project. 

We adjourned at 3:00 PM to travel to Mossy Rock where the meeting would continue with the Pe El, Mossy Rock and Onalaska Horizons groups joining in.  A presentation was by Jeanette Mc Coy, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Design Institute, WSU-Spokane.  She spoke about the designs for restoring old buildings to community use in Ritzville, Sprague, Kettle Falls, Springdale, and Pe El as part of the Horzions program in Washington State. 

Jerry Uribe spoke briefly about the Northwest Area Foundation and how they are thinking about the future.  He also answered questions from the group.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM

Respectively submitted
Bill Liddle, Secretary
Grand Mound Rochester Horizons Project



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