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The draft minutes of the January 21, 2010 Grand Mound Rochester Horizons (GMRH) Steering Committee meeting are posted below.  They are subject to correction and approval at the next GMRH Steering Committee meeting on February 18, 2010.

Please remember that every GMRH Steering committee meeting is open to all residents of the area.  You are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussions as this is a community-wide effort to reduce poverty in the Rochester/Grand Mound area.  Also, these are only several from a larger list that will be addressed as people accept the challenge to take on the responsibility of any of the other projects on the list.  The larger project list can be found here  Copies of steering committee meeting minutes will be posted on this website.


Bill Liddle
Steering Committee Secretary
Grand Mound Rochester Horizons

Grand Mound Rochester Horizons

May 20, 2010 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

 Meet called to order at 6:45 by Suzanne Brown           

 Those attending were Bill Liddle, Bill Zimmerman, Donna Zimmerman, Janet Weaver, Donna Weaver, Sandra Cornell, Suzanne Brown, Vivian Eason, Danette Jones, Joe Baisch, Joy Baisch, Kathie Clohesy

 Donna Weaver moved both treasurers report and minutes of previous meeting be approved. It was seconded by Danette Jones – motion was approved

 Old business:

bulletProject reports
bulletSidewalks – Donna said Thurston County Road Dept. looking for grants and doing a draft of what the project should look like
bulletFarmers market – Sandra Cornell says the cost will be paid back by the end of the season – signing up vendors – 17 now – signs being done by Boys & Girls club – All set up with WIC program – possible children’s table – Danette Jones volunteered as music coordinator to provide music for each of the Saturday markets
bulletSwimming pools – Danette Jones has done a flyer on places to donate toward the project – still looking for property 
bulletBasic computer literacy – No class during this period – will not start another one until this fall.  Still need a computer projector to project the screen image on the wall.  Joe said “just go buy one.” 
bulletClothing bank – waiting for united way grant reply – 255 people were served meals in April – open three days a week
bulletRochester community resource book – is not yet a formal Horizons project but there are people working on it.
bulletOld gate school – work continues on rehabbing the kitchen – blueberry festival coming up soon
bulletRochester soccer center – No comment as no representative present
bulletRochester learning center – report attached

 New business

 Discussion of fund raising activities (mainly at concession stands) brought up by Danette Jones. Janet Weaver moved and Vivian Eason seconded that a concession fund for selling water at farmers market be established – motion passed

bulletSelling bottled water at various events
bulletSelling candy bars


Donna Weaver made a presentation on the training she and Vivian Eason had attended that dealt with volunteerism.

 Donna described how job descriptions should be set up for each volunteer position available – call them community advocates rather than volunteers.  What’s in a name? “Volunteer” has a negative connotation so use other description of the task – because of down economy there are generally more people available for volunteering – out of work individuals have more time and may want the experience to add to their resume.

 Getting things done require planning and agendas

Committee engagement of all committee members is needed

Partnerships – partnering with other groups or organizations will make the effort more effective.

Make people feel comfortable and welcomed

Make sure volunteers are given job description and see that they are well trained

Concentration on follower-ship as well as leadership

Make the most of written your communication 

 Vivian Eason suggested doing a flyer to advertise Horizons to hand out during Swede Day

 Next meeting will be June 17th at the Rochester Community Center

 Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM

 Respectively submitted

 Bill Liddle

Steering Committee Secretary

Grand Mound Rochester Horizons



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