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The draft minutes of the January 21, 2010 Grand Mound Rochester Horizons (GMRH) Steering Committee meeting are posted below.  They are subject to correction and approval at the next GMRH Steering Committee meeting on February 18, 2010.

Please remember that every GMRH Steering committee meeting is open to all residents of the area.  You are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussions as this is a community-wide effort to reduce poverty in the Rochester/Grand Mound area.  Also, these are only several from a larger list that will be addressed as people accept the challenge to take on the responsibility of any of the other projects on the list.  The larger project list can be found here  Copies of steering committee meeting minutes will be posted on this website.


Bill Liddle
Steering Committee Secretary
Grand Mound Rochester Horizons

Grand Mound Rochester Horizons

February 18, 2010 Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

 Meeting called to order by Suzanne Brown at 6:38 PM

 Introductions of those present:  Alysia Glidewell, Gala Fagerness, Bill Liddle, Bill Zimmerman, Donna Zimmerman, Danette and Bryan Jones, and Suzanne Brown, Sandra Cornell, Donna Smith, June Gelvin, Joe and Joy Baisch, Janet Weaver, Cory Tribble.  

 Minutes of last meeting Approved

 Treasurers Report:  New checks have arrived two signatures are needed on all checks.  Those listed for signing checks are: Lowell Dequise, Gene Weaver from Rochester Water Association and Suzanne Brown, Horizons interim treasurer.  Suzanne issued a check to pay for the farmers market signs.  A check will also be issued to reimburse Bill Liddle for the P.O. Box rent.

 Old Business:  Jeanetta McDonald visited Rochester on February 3rd to view the areas for the conceptual design for the Rochester area. 

 Project Reports

o        Sidewalks Donna Smith presented for Lowell a copy of the e-mail from Kyle Andersen, The Evergreen State College to Lowell Dequise.  This e-mail outlines work Kyle has done in trying to identify on existing maps where sidewalks are located.  He found only sketchy information but will continue to work on this.

o        Farmers Market Sandra Cornell see the attached PDF for the written report.

o        Swimming Pools see the attached PDF for the written report.

o        Basic Computer Literacy see the attached PDF for the written report.

o        Old Gate School The back area is being renovated into the kitchen.  Work also continues on planning for the 100-year celebration.  The following are also in the planning stage:  A Spring event for gardening, a Summer event of artistic exhibits and a Fall event about how to help neighbors during disasters.

o        Rochester Soccer Center No report this month

o        Family Learning Center see the attached PDF for the written report.

o        Rochester Clothing Bank see the attached PDF for the written report.       

New Business:

bulletMarch 19, & 20 Horizons conference in Moses Lake.  1 days Suzanne Brown, Bill Liddle, Sandra Cornell and possibly two others will attend.  We will all go in one car.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM

 Next meeting March 25,

 Respectfully submitted

 Bill Liddle

Steering Committee Secretary

Grand Mound Rochester Horizons Group


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