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Rochester Horizons Index

Rochester Horizons Project

Action Items Identified during the Study Circles Phase of the Rochester Horizons Project
(The items on this list are in random order with no priority assigned)

bulletCreate community theme Experience Rochester  (As a group – discover what Rochester has to offer.)
bulletHome based business, etc.
bulletHistory & resources
bulletRecreational opportunities that currently exist
bulletCompile findings and update Resource Book
bulletNewspaper (but here)
bulletContribute for existing newspaper
bulletDistribute via website, electronic newsletter, visitor center, signage, community information fair, existing newspaper
bulletPictorial history @ visitors center/Historical center
bulletSchool Admin (the existing) building for visitor/Historical center  
bulletUse of school facilities for education about community issues
bulletTheater – Movie/Stage
bulletBurma shave type “Welcome to community” signs
bulletConcert in the park
bulletSomething interactive to incorporate community history
bulletBike trail/walking trail
bulletSidewalks & road shoulders  (A Horizons committee is working on this - initial phase is to construct sidewalk between Albany Street and the Rochester Middle School)
bulletCombine college & Library center
bulletFarmers market/business fair (A Farmers Market is planned and will be on Saturdays in the parking lot at the Rochester Middle School)
bulletCollaborate with schools/grub
bulletCollaborate with community center (ROOF, Library, groups)
bulletHIEFER  Project (commercialize Swede Hall kitchen)
bulletYouth & Senior Citizens involvement
bulletMentoring Church action groups

o        Adult mentoring

o     Parenting

o     Cooking/baking

o     Outdoor activities

o     Building repairs to Swede Hall

bulletBusiness listing (Billboard)
bulletBartering Co-op
bulletBus system
bulletSatellite system for services – DSHS,, etc .,senior, college, feed banks, & counseling
bulletContinued diligence against illegal drugs
bulletCommunity signage (where things are, ie, parks, Lucky Eagle, freeway)
bulletElectronic newsletter
bulletSingles club
bulletResource training/education liaison
bulletCenter to include satellite offices for DSHS, Work Source, Food Banks, Senior & College counseling, Social Security)
bulletWorkshops for ethic education
bulletReturn of WIC to Rochester (WIC has moved to "Swede Hall" with their program)
bulletPersonal invitation helps build relationships to gain more involvement by other people
bulletBuild volunteer base for Library
bulletNeighborhood watch
bulletBuy locally
bulletResource/exchange (helping those who are hurting but don’t show it outwardly) (A Clothing Bank has been established at the Rochester United Methodist Church)
bulletInvolve high school students in community activities
bulletLow-cost meals and additional state support for schools that pass levies
bullet Entrepreneurship fair to educate people about potential apprenticeship programs
bulletLocal senior center has only 6 to 11 people show up for “senior meals”
bullet Personal invitation helps build relationships to gain more involvement by other people
bulletCommunity forum on “work ethic work-shop”
bullet“Cash flow for Kids” game as a means of teaching financial responsibility
bulletMake Rochester the Folk Dancing capitol of Washington State using Swede Hall as the focal point.
bulletGIS partnership to train kids to be analysts
bulletFire department to use GIS for their trucks on way to a fire
bulletWe need to adopt a mission statement to incorporate technology teachings into the community

    o       Block Watch
       Involve middle school students and staff in some activity at the park
       Small groups needed to start “lending Circle”
       Discrimination  - age, language culture etc.
       Unite various community groups
       New businesses/grow existing businesses
       Grow local jobs
       Guide local growth
       Art Tours
       Increase volunteerism
       Community pride - Flag at Post Office not displayed on holidays and other times
       Use of schools for community events
       Rochester Leadership
       Resource case-worker training
       Visitors Historical Center type of central information resource

Additional Things we can do to increase our ability to convince people/groups to invest in our community!

       Build a resume of successful small projects
       Keep track of volunteer hours on community projects which can then be used as matching funds
       Look at an organizational structure that will form the basis of getting started

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